Steve Ant


Steve Ant was born in Athens, of Greece, on 15 September 1995. His early childhood home was in Athitos of Halkidiki. His father was a navy officer in Greek Navy and his mother worked at Athens Navy Hospital. When Steve was still a child, he moved with his family from Athens to Athitos in Halkidiki.He has an older sister named Vicky, who works as an english language professor.

Steve started his music journey at age of 13 when his father bought him his first acoustic guitar.
Couple of years later he is performing his first live Gig in a bar and that’s when he knew that this is the path he wants to follow.
At the same period he started taking piano and vocal lessons while he discovered he loves to compose music and write down lyrics.
4 years later he joins the Greek X factor where his journey ended up a bit before the finals.
After leaving the show he makes singing and performing his profession and travels all over Greece to sing.
He spends around 4 years of singing and performing live gigs when he finally in 2019 he takes the decision to leave His country and move to Romania in order to collaborate with a Music Company by the name “Tuan Records” after the proposal from his friend, manager and currently CEO of the company , Tudor Fornea.
In 2020 Steve and Tuan Records release his first Single named “Dum Dum”